"If I had to be honest, I fell quite accidentally into painting furniture!! I’ve always had a love affair with anything creative - whether it be interiors, photography or writing, although I never knew how I could possibly pull it all together or even what I was capable of - who does!! I still don’t – I just follow my instincts & what feels right & happy to say so far I've somehow found my groove!! Painting is indeed my therapy – there is something soothing & methodical about it!! Don't get me wrong, it is not all happy days with the paintbrush, - lots of experimentation on a daily basis, but hey, that is the only way you learn & is what has led me to where I am today!!
My history is rather random, yet looking back, I can see how all the pieces fit together & have led me to this point Somehow, I did manage to qualify myself in Interior Design & was lucky enough to have traveled the world as a flight attendant... I miss travelling - I think I romanticized myself as a wandering gypsy, although in reality it was hard work!! But it really does stir the senses – opening your eyes & your heart to life, fabulous designs & architecture.... I have since clipped my wings & am now a homebody / painter to a gorgeous husband & two spirited (read into this as you will) children!! Why am I passionate about what I do?? As a kid, I realized a home is important – it is where we escape the world... Yes, I am someone who wants everything around me to be beautiful to look at, but should also be eclectic, laidback & untamed…… Someone who believes dogs make a home (& should make themselves at home,) while kids & linen sofas can live (somewhat) harmoniously together.  Sprinkle in a generous dose of good friends, laughter, vino & good food, & you’ve got yourself a really cool environment!!"