"From Dab To Fab!!" Need A Piece Of Furniture Painted?? x

"From Dab To Fab!!"  Need A Piece Of Furniture Painted?? x

“Today, I get to share something super exciting with you – something I can ‘shout from the rooftops!!’ Over the years, I have been asked to do ‘commissions’ – that is, paint furniture already owned by your lovely selves… I’ve always felt bad saying ‘no,’ because quite simply, I always have too much stuff to work through, but I’m happy to say I have ‘opened the books’ so to speak & will be taking on commissions – not quite sure how long for, but for the holiday period at least…

Maybe you have an heirloom piece that for sentimental reasons you cannot bear to part with, but it grates you because it just does not work in your home & is almost like the elephant in the room!!  Or maybe you have sourced that beautiful ornate buffet but need a magical paint brush to transform it into the French Provincial charmer it needs to be!! Believe me, I do what I do because I LOVE furniture… & history… A lot of unwanted wee frogs (in the form of neglected albeit old beautiful furniture,) have turned up on my doorstep just wanting to be better versions of themselves & this is where I can help... If you are obsessed with an antique European look & want to make your furniture relevant to the way you live your lifestyle, then maybe we need to perform a wee make-over miracle!!"


Sadie x

"Let Them Eat Cake!!" With Pink Frosting, Off Course!! x

"Let Them Eat Cake!!" With Pink Frosting, Off Course!! x

“I have a question for you – when it comes to furniture shopping, can you have your cake & eat it too?? And I’m not talking about any ole manky sponge, but rather a triple layer decadent champagne cake with vanilla Bavarian cream & gold flakes sprinkled on top!! Off course you can – let me elaborate!

I’m happy to announce I have partnered with two of Australia’s largest ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ platforms – ZipPay & Afterpay!! Both offer a guilt-free shopping experience by allowing you to ‘shop today but pay later’ to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite furniture pieces!! Now, I know I’m usually behind the eight ball when it comes to technological advances, but hey, how could I not know about this?? Where have these knights in shining armour been all my life??

Ok, so how does it all work?? Let’s just say, I list a GORGEOUS buffet that you absolutely LOVE or maybe you’ve been hankering to book a furniture painting workshop,  but don’t quite have the funds... No problem – you can purchase via my website page ‘Shop – Buy Now, Pay Later,’ pick up IMMEDIATELY & yep, you guessed it - pay it off!! Ooh, & did I mention there are NO hidden fees or interest charged (as long as you honour your repayments…) The maximum you can spend is $1000 (responsible spending!!) & each of these providers have a slightly varied repayment schedule… If you are new to ZipPay or Afterpay, you can set up an account with them when you finalise the purchase on my website – just follow the prompts… Alternatively, if you already have an account, you will be required to log in with your details to complete the purchase – all too easy!!

Overall, I think there is no need to nibble on a cupcake when you can have the whole cake & eat it too!!”

Sadie x


"For All You Creative Souls Out There!!" x

"For All You Creative Souls Out There!!" x

"Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box!!" Deepak Chopra

"That is indeed what I was thinking when I created these!! Those of you who have done my workshop would have seen these - furniture appliqués cast from a rigid polyurethane designed to be adhered to furniture!!

You see, sometimes I find charming old pieces of furniture that just needs that 'pièce de résistance,' the cherry on the top to finish it off beautifully!! Whether it's a monumental pediment to sit on top of a armoire or a decorative panel to go on a cabinet door, I used to 'think outside of the box' & try to recreate large patterns with off-the-shelf appliqués - but the problem was these appliqués were often too small or the style not quite right... So I 'got rid of the box,' & started casting my own appliqués directly off carvings from the antique furniture I refinish!!

Granted so far the collection is small - all view-able on the 'Appliques' page, but I will be adding more as I find interesting carvings to replicate... If you have a plain cabinet door that needs a wee bit of 'je ne sais quoi,' or an armoire or fireplace surround that needs a statement embellishment, then have a look at these... You're only limited by your imagination & as my good friend Dr Seuss once said "Think left & think right, & think low & think high... Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!!"

"The Fabulicious Megan Hess!!" x

"The Fabulicious Megan Hess!!" x

"Hi Gorgeous People!!"

"Soooo excited to be able to share this link with you!! You may think you are seeing double as I posted this beautiful image on Friday, but I am still on such a 'euphoric high' because the uber-talented Megan Hess has shared this image on her Facebook Page!! 

Megan's illustrations are in high demand throughout the world & collaborates with some of the most prestigious fashion designers & luxury brands around the world - little ole household names like Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Fendi, Balenciaga & a few other wee notaries!! I have always adored Megan's illustrations as they are uncomplicated, yet ultra-feminine & sassy with an old-world glamour you cannot find with other works of art!! There is an underlying strength & fluidity with her works & an almost child-like simplicity, which shouldn't deceive you, because upon closer inspection you discover the amazing precision, depth & chaotic nature in her drawings which simply leaves you in awe!!

I am blown away that Megan likes my frame, but to me, I felt privileged to have the opportunity to enhance what to me was already perfection!! Thank you Megan for your amazing talents & for sharing them with the world!!

I promise you, Megan's pieces evoke 'nostalgic frivolity' & will permanently leave a smile on your dial!! If you want to see more strikingly beautiful works of hers, visit her Facebook page, website or follow her on Instagram... Enjoy the remainder of your weekend everybody!!"




Sadie x