"Joyeaux Noelle!!"

"Another year, another fabulous Christmas!! I know Christmas can be busy, & hey, we all 'lose the plot' a wee bit, but it is a special time, a magical time & we have to remember that!! After-all, when else do we have the opportunity to truly relax - exhale, converse with our children (& partner for that matter,) catch up on those summer-time reads, eat copious amounts of naughty foods, & indulge in a never-ending selection of champagne & ginger-infused liquers - I mean seriously - how utterly divine!!

I just want to take the time to say the biggest & most heart-felt 'Thank You!!' to all of you who have supported me & taken even a wee bit of joy from what I do... You all motivate me everyday to find the most special pieces & write the most outrageous stories to complement the piece - after all, every piece of furniture has a personality & has lived a life, so deserves that special recognition!! Don't ever feel rushed to buy a piece - you can make a house quickly, but it takes many years to create a home!! So be rest assured, there will be be more gorgeous pieces & I will continue to source & refinish furniture that will become a part of your family & cherished for many generations!!

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone!! Promise me you will all eat, drink & be fabulously merry!! Love the ones you're with & just take the time to 'chill,' reflect & look forward to greater things things that are just around the corner!!"

Sadie x