"From Dab To Fab!!" Need A Piece Of Furniture Painted?? x

“Today, I get to share something super exciting with you – something I can ‘shout from the rooftops!!’ Over the years, I have been asked to do ‘commissions’ – that is, paint furniture already owned by your lovely selves… I’ve always felt bad saying ‘no,’ because quite simply, I always have too much stuff to work through, but I’m happy to say I have ‘opened the books’ so to speak & will be taking on commissions – not quite sure how long for, but for the holiday period at least…

Maybe you have an heirloom piece that for sentimental reasons you cannot bear to part with, but it grates you because it just does not work in your home & is almost like the elephant in the room!!  Or maybe you have sourced that beautiful ornate buffet but need a magical paint brush to transform it into the French Provincial charmer it needs to be!! Believe me, I do what I do because I LOVE furniture… & history… A lot of unwanted wee frogs (in the form of neglected albeit old beautiful furniture,) have turned up on my doorstep just wanting to be better versions of themselves & this is where I can help... If you are obsessed with an antique European look & want to make your furniture relevant to the way you live your lifestyle, then maybe we need to perform a wee make-over miracle!!"


Sadie x