"Just Want To Share a Wee Tidbit..." x

"Hey everyone - happy Monday to you all!!

Just wanted to share with you an article which appeared in 'The West Australian' on Friday showcasing one of my favourite pieces!! Angie, the lovely journalist, approached me a few months back asking if I wanted to participate in a story she was writing about refinishing furniture - and hey, how could I say 'no!!' What I love, is that people are realizing that despite the overall style directive of your home - contemporary, Hamptons, French, Mid-century, etc, there is a wee design guru inside all of us wanting to add a mellow, homely touch & how better to do that than with a quaint old piece of furniture!! Interiors are like fashion - over time, your style & needs change - & the world would be a boring place if everything remained the same!! But fair to say that charming pieces of furniture never go out of style & will always find a place in any home!! Here's a link to the article if anybody wants to read it...Tuck in warm tonight everybody!!"

Sadie x