“For The Love Of Paint:  Workshop 101”


“For The Love Of Paint:  Workshop 101”

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French Provincial... Brocante.... Old Furniture…. I LOVE all these things – my brain is simply wired that way - mix all of the above with a pail of paint & you’ve got yourself a healthy addiction!!

"I am lucky that my passion is my work & if you like my style of furniture, I want to share ALL my secrets & tips on how YOU can achieve that fabulous French antique look!! Now, I wish we could really enjoy ourselves with a bottle of vino whilst painting, but alas, we must keep our wits about us!! You will get cake though… And you will learn ALOT – here is a brief outline:

"Put A Little PREP In Your Step!!"

It’s not all about the paint!! Preparation is KEY to a flawless finish… OId furniture bears the wrinkles of time - all evident in cracks, holes & other idiosyncrasies… I’ll show you how to prepare your piece for painting...

"PAINT Me Perfect!!"

If like me you love old furniture, what you have to accept is that old furniture has a history… Sometimes, that history likes to make it’s mark by rising to the surface & ‘bleeding’ through the paint – not a good look!! This is why it is soooo important to prime… Priming will become your new best friend!!

You will also learn about the basic properties of paint – no need to yawn, for this is fundamental as you will be making YOUR own chalk paint - hoorah!! Chalk paint has been around a long time – like centuries!! Great European artists of the 17th – 18th centuries made it from mixing colour pigments & old skool methods are still used in Russia today…  Locally, here in Perth, there are some brilliant off-the shelf chalk paints – I have used Annie Sloane, Porters Paints, Websters & Rustoleum & they are all fabulous!! But I have be making my own for years & I will show you how… Why is my recipe better?? It’s not, but after all these years of painting I find my recipe just as good as these market brands (that is just my humble opinion,) and it is inexpensive to create & will give you the same velvety smooth patina!! Ooh, & with making your own, you are not limited with colours – you can create any colour you wish – from deep indigo blues, dusky pinks, Parisian greys to shiplap whites… 

Note: Whether you purchase an off the shelf chalk paint or make your own, bear in mind chalk paint is not a ‘miraculous’ paint – when painting old furniture there are issues that may arise – wood tannins bleeding through,  cleaning products residue, wood stains & water marks… All of this is easily solvable with a good primer or sealant & believe me, they are not all created equal – I’ll show you which products work & how to remedy these potential issues…  


"SEAL With A Kiss!!" 

There’s no point painting a beautiful piece of furniture if you are not going to ‘seal’ it for protection… This is vital for protection of both colour & durability… I’ve used soooo many products & have whittled it down to a few trusty sealants that do the trick!! I’ll share with you what I use & how to apply these for a super-smooth finish...

"AGE Is Not Important Unless You Are Cheese Or Wine!!"

I LOVE that adage!! Add to that an ‘aged furniture finish!!’ What gives furniture depth of colour & an air of nostalgic grandiose is an aged finish & I’ll show you how to achieve this with various products & techniques…. This is the piece de resistance, the cherry on the top, that will make your piece look antiquated, cherished & loved!! Distressing is another technique you will learn & it is more than just scuffing the edges – don’t be scared of sandpaper - I’ll show you how to add vintage charm without shredding the wood to bits!!


"Last But Not Least..."

This workshop above all is sharing my love for paint & furniture… I will not be selling paint or products – just teaching techniques that I have learned from trial & error over the years!! You will make your own chalk paint in the workshop & experiment with painting, sealing & aging techniques on a flat panel object as well as LARGE ornate embellishments - just like the 2x pictured below - one is cast from a 100 year old door panel, & yes, you can take this 'piece of art' home!! There will be a lot of information, so you will also be taking home a comprehensive journal with ALL the information, which will serve as a reference guide… Every gal loves to shop, so a shopping list of basic items needed to get started is included – everything is available for you to purchase inexpensively from good ole Bunnings or a local store... You're only limited by your imagination, so if you've been wanting to do something creative come be inspired & learn something new - I look forward to meeting you!!" 

**Workshops are limited to 6x persons per class... Happy to hold a separate workshop for group bookings of 4x or more - just contact me personally to organise something special...**


"A Few Thoughts..."

"I just want to share my thoughts and experience of going to this class. Sadie is very knowledgeable in her field of work, even though I had painted several pieces of furniture before going to her class I still picked up some great tips and better still what products were her tried and tested ones. Her class is very informative with some hands on painting, she also provides you with a folder at the end with everything that she spoke about and showed you in your lesson so no forgetting anything once you get back home. I highly recommend this class, not only do you learn all the info you need and gain the confidence to paint your masterpiece but it is done in the company of other lovely ladies that want to learn as much as you, it's a fun class and Sadie is very generous with her time, knowledge and her beautiful home. You won't regret going and soon enough you will be sitting back admiring your work with a glass of wine."  🥂😍 Sharon Sciascia

"Just wanted to give you Sadie my biggest thanks and gratitude for sharing your hard won knowledge today at the workshop. What you gave us all today was an incredible gift and so very inspirational. It has taken you years of trial and error obviously to get to where you are and to be able to pass that knowledge on so generously I am sure will come back to you in spades! I had a lovely day with some wonderful women and cannot wait to try and produce something that looks at least a little bit like your beautiful pieces! Thank you so much! J J J J Jennn Jenny Boase

"I arrived to a very warm and welcoming smile and hug that only kiwi's can give :) , so easy going and friendly, put me at ease in moments. AND HER HOUSE !!!.... girls it's worth going just to see her house ! I wanted to take everything home. Loved that the classes were small, Sadie was careful and attentive to all our questions, there were lots. The table setting for the workshop was something out of Pinterest, like going to a high tea. Sadie had put in a lot of effort to create a wonderful learning environment, it was clear that she really valued us as her students and has high expectations of herself. It was just so much fun, laughing all the time, the other ladies in the group were just wonderful. Sadie took us through all the steps from where to find quality items, what to look for, what to watch out, the how to and why of chalk painting in the french provincial style. She was so generous in sharing her knowledge, thanks Sadie, I had just a wonderful time !!!! I left with my projects to show off and share when I got home, LOVED the very detailed ,manual and the shopping list at the back with pictures made purchasing so easy. I have told everyone about Sadie's work and would recommend her workshops to anyone. You're just that awesome Sadie !!!!"  Teena Spark

"Thank you Sadie, I absolutely loved your class!!!  I had fun and it truly is the best class I have ever done. You are an inspiration and I would highly recommend your class to anyone. You were so generous with all the information, tips & tricks that you shared and this coupled with your extensive teaching and hands on work we did in class left me feeling confident enough to start my own pieces once I got home. Since then I have completed one piece and I’m currently working on another and loving it!!!"   Naomi Ainley

"I just recently signed up for the workshop hoping I could achieve the amazing results that Sadie does on all her beautiful pieces. The workshop was fabulous and Sadie took us step by step through the process and techniques of paint layers and waxing to create that authentic old antique look.  We all had the opportunity to fill cracks, sand and create our own little piece of antique trim work. The handbook we received was fantastic as everything you need is in there to guide you through the complete process. I was so excited that I came home and within a few days was able to buy a mirror on gumtree for $60 and transform it into a $300 piece. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone." Kay Golding

“Sadie’s workshop has awoken my creative side again. My regular job demands constant creativity, and I thought anything beyond work was now dead in me. But Sadie teaches direct effective techniques that you can leave with and apply at home, right away if you wish. I love decorating and all things French, and now I can apply what I’ve learnt from Sadie throughout my home (particularly my kitchen, bathrooms and fireplace). What she teaches doesn’t just apply to furniture, but to pretty much any surface you wish to “Frenchi-fy”. Furthermore, I’ve been to a few different workshops, and I’ve never felt as welcome as I did at Sadie’s Workshop… we weren’t rushed, it was full hands-on while being fully supported, and Sadie is just such a kind gentle spirited person. Thank you so much Sadie, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your workshop to everyone I know x”  Natalie Bronickis x

"Sadie's workshop was amazing, it was both informative and fun. Not only did we get the opportunity to learn how Sadie makes her pieces look so wonderful, we also got to have a go at trying her techniques too. From learning how to prepare a piece, paint it and finish it, we also got a fabulous manual that has everything we learnt in it so no need to have a good memory!! I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to give tired furniture a new lease on life. Thanks again Sadie!" Chloe Sellars

"I recently attended a Workshop at Fredericks Furniture. The hands on workshop was well presented and very informative. Initially I was wondering however would I remember everything. This was not an issue as Sadie had a very detailed manual for each of us to take home on what we had learnt. Sadie is not only very creative and skilled at what she does, but also has a passion that inspires."  Leonie Bennett

"Some Of The FABULOUS Pieces Refinished By You..."